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Hotel Rants: No Wi-Fi? No Love.

I have more road trip goodness to share, and I’m really looking forward to doing so, but for now I’m just stopping in to share a gripe about hotels.  First of all, unless the hotel is specifically billed as a rustic escape, there should be an internet connection in the room.  Not in the lobby — well, yes, in the lobby, too — but in my room.  If I can’t surf the web in my birthday suit, the experience loses all its magic.  (Given that tidbit, feel free to use your imagination as to how this website is produced.)

An internet connection in the room is really a no-brainer.  But one thing pisses me off even more than no connection (or an expensive one): the wired connection.  It poses as convenient, when really it’s just as inconvenient as having to go to the lobby or the Starbucks across the street.  Only one computer can hook up at a time.  I’m usually traveling with at least one other person who needs to be online for a good chunk of the night.  You’re stuck to the desk, because the wire is always anchored, allowing you a whole six inches of wire.  The one I’m plugged into right now is so short that it can barely reach the port on the side of my computer.  I actually have my computer angled to the side, because if I try to square it on the desk, the stupid wire can’t reach the port.  This chafes like a picture that won’t stay straight on the wall no matter how many times you adjust it.

It’s bad enough that I can’t surf the web from bed, or even one of the comfy chairs (they’re too big to pull up to the desk and still be able to reach the keyboard), but the icing on the poo-flavored cake that is wired internet is that the desk is always right next to the room’s A/C unit.  So you have to choose between letting the room and everyone in it cook, or trying to work in a constant gust of chilly wind.

I don’t care how nice every other amenity in the hotel may be — if the internet connection is wired, your hotel sucks.


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  1. Michael Holroyd Says:


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  2. Audrey Says:

    I TOTALLY AGREE! I have ranted about this every time we go to a bridge tournament, which is pretty much the reason i am staying in hotels. Why is it not the standard norm to offer free wireless internet access? There are a few chains that do offer this as policy (Best Western comes to mind, not the nicest place but if i have a choice i stay there b/c of the internet!), but it seems that most of the time there’s either a fee or you have to go to the lobby. So lame!

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